Disappointment Is Just Around the Corner

Most people experience disappointment. But, have you ever asked yourself why? I am not referring to you wanting a Mercedes, but instead getting a Volkswagen. Expectations and attachment cause dissatisfaction. So, ask yourself. Do I expect something? If yes, what is it? If so, why the attachment to my expectancy? And lastly, what happens if I don’t get what I want?


It is beneficial to consciously observe the mind when you ask these questions. You should not base the answers on the thoughts or feelings about what you want. Otherwise, you experience disappointment again and again. Is long-term mind satisfaction possible? No, only in intervals and for a short time. We are notorious for finding reasons to complain and be unhappy. Let’s call this behavior a paradise complexity. We expect a perfect paradise, without cares, worries, hurt, or fear. Furthermore, this expectancy dates back to the dawn of modern humankind.

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Disappointment to Acceptance: The Path to Inner Peace

Hence, acceptance is still not an option for most people. Thus, we usually overlook the significance of this moment. However, I am not referring to the details of this moment. But the mind tells us that this moment is nothing without some type of gratification. Therefore, we seek satisfaction through thoughts, feelings, and materialistic details. Likewise, the paradise complexity insists that everything be just as we want or wish. Thus, we label anything less than our expectancy as unwanted, insignificant and outright bad.

So, how do you deal with disappointment? Recognize that you can’t answer this question with the mind. It sounds impossible. But, it’s not. Practice acceptance instead of disapproval in any situation involving yourself, other people, or things. Acknowledge the process after awakening to the vastness within consciousness. A shift from mind to dimension of conscious energy is necessary. Still, don’t think about the process. Otherwise, discontentment will arise when conscious awakening doesn’t happen the way you think. 😊

What can you practice daily to become more aware of your interaction with the mind? Foremost, don’t become overly demanding in your attempt to become free of the mind or live more consciously. It is a process and will develop naturally. Therefore, there are no rights or wrongs. Conscious living is not an expectancy. Rather is it the simple act of being aware of being aware.


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