Feel Bad? You Think It Is Real. But It Is Not

Do you often feel bad about a situation, person or even yourself? Feeling bad is of the mind, nothing more…nothing less. How consciously awake are you? Most likely, you realize that the mind thinks this way and that. However, this does not mean that what the mind thinks is real. Yes, it feels real. But, it’s not. You experience a mind projection. This is the mind jumping to conclusions. Thus, an unconscious person, experiences a mind-induced reaction. Moreover, this thought is temporary. Acknowledge this fact and take a further conscious step to living in a state of non-attachment. Thought activity is nothing more than time-based memory. We can call these anxiety phantoms. Still and foremost, remember that these are temporary. Thoughts and feelings come and go.


Now, and literally now, recognize that you are not your thoughts. Nor will you ever be your thoughts. However, you might try this and still feel bad. Trust the awakening process. Thoughts and feelings will pass. Bad is the same as good. You feel it because you unconsciously choose to experience one or the other. And, yes, you always have a choice.

Any decision is either unconsciously or consciously made. Please refer back to my previous articles and discussions on this topic. The mind will resist by saying that you usually don’t have a choice. But the mind is lying to itself. And, the mind wants you to believe it’s lies. Nevertheless, please understand that thinking of or believing in something doesn’t make it real. Thoughts and beliefs are usually the mind’s way of guesstimating.

I would love to read your insight on thoughts and beliefs. x

Do You Feel Bad? If Yes, Then Just Stop

You, your state of being is always the deciding factor in any experience. Burden-free of excessive thinking is possible. Is this your wish? Then realize your true role in the experience of life. Thus, you are no longer a victim of thoughts. Nor, permanently influenced by thought-generated feelings. Observe the mind, clearly and consciously. Practice conscious awareness as often as possible. Hence, you will awaken one day and realize that conscious living is your true innate nature. 

“If you as a human being transform yourself you affect the consciousness of the rest of the world.” – Jiddu Krishnamurit


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