Dance with a Tree and Sing Your Song

Being one with Life is a discover that changes how you live. More and more people are awakening to the simplicity of conscious living. People either realize this simplicity or they don’t. Please understand that active conscious awareness is not necessary to exist. You will continue to live with or without conscious awareness. Nevertheless, the quality of your life experience changes greatly when you consciously live in the flow of life. Also, there is no ready-made guideline or map leading to X marks the spot. The X represents the shift from mind to active consciousness in your life experience. You will deeply know when you are truly awake. Henceforth, you will recognize that life is a dance. And, you are the composer. Everyone composes a life song. But, most people unconsciously write this composition. Therefore, most individuals repeatedly experience drama, confusion, and fear. 


Life and universal energy literally dance to the rhythm of our inner universe. There is a vibrating flow within the state of our being. This music is always playing. But, we don’t really listen.  We compose a dance through the simply act of being. Everything in our surroundings, include the vibration of life, blend into this rhythm. Our conscious or unconscious energy energizes the manifestation of life and the universe.

Therefore, it is best to lead this universal life song from a conscious state of being.

Let’s consider a practical method to deepen our awareness to life energy and this dance. Simply observe a tree. Do this in absolute silence. Every branch and leaf move to an energy flow. This universal vibration is beyond the mechanics of our mind. Thus, do not use the mind in an attempt to experience this universal flow. Suddenly, you might acknowledge that not only the tree, but everything is vibrating to the rhythm of your inner universe.

Sing Your Song and Dance with Life

Therefore, it is necessary for us to go beyond thoughts and emotions. Thus, we become truly aware of the dance that we orchestrate in each moment. This unfolds through aware choices, which are not actually choices. Rather, everything unfolds in alignment with you. And correspondingly, you with everything. And, your focus should be on the spaciousness within this moment. Hence, conscious being becomes the basis for living life.

Look there. The tree is before you. Now breathe deeply and allow the tree to reach out to you. It is inviting you to lead the dance of life. Each limb and leaf are pulsating with universal life energy. Your awareness stimulates this energy You decide the manifestation and rhythm of the dance. Life, more accurately, the universe eagerly vibrates to the energy you manifest through the inner universe. 

Now take a conscious (not mental) step toward the tree. The shades of light, dark, and color respond to your inner music. A slight breeze initiates a swaying ballet. Whereas each twig and leaf have a part. You suddenly realize that you are also the breeze as it swirls through the tree. A bird glides and lands on a limb. It hops from branch to branch as the breeze blows. It becomes very clear that you are also this bird. You share the breeze and enjoy the tree as each become one. 

This is your creation, it is not a dream. It is you. This is what you do through the song and dance that you share with life.

Wishing you a wonderful day

P.S. The above exercise applies to everything in the universe. Enlightenment is the acknowledgement that the melody of the universe is your song. And, life is your partner.


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