Awaken and Enjoy the Dream

You are on a picnic. It is a lazy summer afternoon. The birds are singing. Crickets are chirping in the tall grass nearby. A breeze carries the fragrance of wild flowers and strawberries. The moment becomes an eternity. There is the soft buzz of a flying grasshopper in flight. Perhaps the joy of flying is something that all beings share. Suddenly, this buzzing becomes louder. The dream scene fades away. Awaken, the alarm clock is ringing.


The dream had seemed so real. Sadness overcomes you because it has ended. Still, it was beautiful and very tranquil. Likewise, in that moment, you feel totally rested. Therefore, you smile. Not to mention, you sense equilibrium. You sense everything. The interaction with your surroundings is similar to a dream state. How would you describe it? It is to awaken from a dream and realize you are still dreaming.

Awaken and Start Dreaming

Nonetheless, the mind is also active. Thoughts appear. Still, these details remain non-threatening. You have no fear. Then, it dawns of you. There is no fear because you do not resist. Thoughts and emotions are so trivial. These come and go as raindrops during a summer shower. You are dwelling within the realm of non-attachment. This dream becomes your reality. It will remain as people, situations and days come and go.

Is it possible to awaken and know that you are still dreaming? Here are a few things to consider.

– Do you have expectancies during your dreams?
– If yes, do these anticipations originate from being (living) the dream? Or do they result from thoughts and attachments about dreaming the dream?
– Likewise, are you willing to let go of these distractions and focus on what unfolds? (Remember, details and opinions are not the experience itself. Rather, these are your thoughts and judgements about the moment at hand.)

Please look deep within yourself and ask this question. Am I ready to awaken and dream the dream of life in whatever form it may take? 

Wishing you a dreamy day!



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