Your Surroundings Do Not Define You

It seems so obvious. But, being what we truly are has become very difficult. Or has it? No, I am not trying to confuse you. Who are you? Just ask someone and they will tell you. Moreover, your immediate and extended surroundings are always influencing you. Truth be told, the majority of people don’t have any clear understanding what it essentially means to live.


But, how could we know? People, surroundings, and even our own mind want to dictate our internal nature. There is always more to you than meets the eye. Still, your eternal self has been buried under a huge collection of misguided assumptions and definitions. All of which are nothing but conditioned patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behavior. I can assure you that these are not really you. Then how do we experience our true inner self nature?

You, Your Surroundings, and Energy

Let’s remove everything that is temporary. What remains? There is and can only be presence. Yes, this is the true nature of living. It is still a mystery. But, it is only mysterious when we try to understand and define it. Oh yes, in case you missed this signpost. The “it” I am referring to is a conscious state of being. And no, I do not know if consciousness can “be” without the temporary objects of the universe. Whereas, I do feel strongly that presence/consciousness is permanent and everything else is temporary.

Therefore, we could say that objects and consciousness have a type of mutualism relationship. This dependency contains both cooperation and symbiosis factors. However, let’s not stray from our main discussion topic. Consciousness is energy. Energy is in everything. Thus, it is the real you. Practice awakened observation of other people, your surroundings, and the mind. These will tell you countless stories about who you are. None of which are true. Just laugh, be silent, and realize your true essence.

P.S. Here are a few trivial fun theories about energy. The balance of positive and negative energy suggest that they cancel each other out. Therefore, the total energy of the universe is zero. Law of Thermodynamics submits that energy is neither created or destroyed. It is only possible to transfer or change energy from one form to another.


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