Seeking Life Is not the Same as Living It

Living life is to consciously be alive. The object through which life manifests is always changing. You cannot live if you are always looking for life. Seeking something can prevent you from actually experiencing it. Looking for happiness can result in you never truly being happy. This is true of living, loving, or conscious awareness.


This may be helpful insight for people seeking enlightenment. How is it possible to live in balance if we are always searching for something? Harmony is not possible when we keep playing a new song. Ultimately, there is one universal song of life. Therefore, experience it and dance regardless of the lyrics. The melody will change as you awaken.

We often overlook the obvious during the search for enlightenment. After all, the mind can be very distracting and convincing. We often become possessed by thoughts (any and all). The unconscious attempt to find something simultaneously keeps us from acknowledging it. Thus, we are never truly aware of having it or being it. Nor is it likely that we can experience the space of consciousness. At least, not until we can clearly and consciously observe the mind.

Seeking and Attachment

We can use the following example to illustrate this behavior. You are walking through fields of green. There is a beautiful flower. You focus on its texture and fragrance. This flower is literally a manifestation of life energy. There is an acknowledgement of oneness with the flower. You become aware of this through the simple act of aware beingness. Still, the mind will quickly distract you from the flower in an attempt to find something else. It might tell you that a short distance away is a more beautiful flower.

What the mind tells you may be relatively accurate. But, it is not possible to be more alive or even more conscious. You are alive and you can awaken to consciousness.  Likewise, you are either aware of life divinity within a flower or not.  More and more people are experiencing the blossoming of conscious awareness. Acknowledge and accept consciousness as a natural state of being. Likewise, recognize it in all situations and objects. Live the isness of life. This is something that you cannot avoid. Similarly, searching for something will hinder you from experiencing it. Seeking causes attachment (Upādāna) through the act of searching. How does this resonate with you? Practice just being and going with the flow. The mind won’t like this, but it is not our responsibility to listen to its babbling.


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