A Roller Coaster Ride Called Life

We call love and life a roller coaster ride, but why? Why do we expect difficulties when we love? This behavior is synonymous with other reactions to basically any experience in life. It would seem that we want everything to be intricate. And, this upside-down relationship with the mind has developed during our evolution. However, don’t let this servitude behavior hold you captive. Robin Sharma wrote the following in his book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams & Reaching Your Destiny. Robin Sharma suggests that the mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master.


Let’s reflect on probable implications of this insight. A person in balance with the mind, body and and inner self will experience a harmonious relationship with life. Thus, loving and living can be a blissful roller coaster ride. And, contrary to Robin Sharma’s suggestion. Our affiliation with the mind does not necessarily prescribe one as the master and the other as a servant. Please remember that the oneness of life that we communicate through written and spoken gestures is not just a word. It is the totality in a flow of unmanifested and manifested energy. Naturally, this includes the frequency generated as love.

Loving the Roller Coaster Ride in Life

Please consider your own love situation. Most people experience some type of love from family, friends or intimate partner. Is there a difference between the experience of spontaneously falling in love or intentional love? My question refers to the quality of actual love that you experience. Is or was it better or did it last longer when it was impulsive or deliberate? Is there truly a predominant answer for this question? Every person has probably experienced both types of behavior. We cannot suggest that these examples are two types of love because love, as with life, is universal. There is love and there is life. And, this is only labeling we use to express something mystical beyond the mind. This magical something is the presence of our beingness.

And, the essence of our beingness is energy as well as all things within this state of isness. Consequently, it is our focus on these energy frequencies that determines how and what will manifest. Everything is one presence. Universal consciousness is also energy.  And, this vibrating flow becomes more aware of itself through the conscious awakening of objects in the universe. Therefore, cherish life, cherish, and respect love. These are energy frequencies that have the most likelihood of changing this world and the universe as we know it.


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