Separation: Why Do We Feel so Alone?

Evolution in terms of society and technology contribute greatly to our separation from each other. Furthermore, humankind has grown deaf to the voice of unity. This separation illusion is ongoing. We, mostly unknowingly, separate ourselves from the universe. Equally, we generally disregard the flow of life energy.  We think and believe, that there is something greater out there waiting for us. We actually think that salvation is something we must reach. But, don’t let the mind fool you. enlightenment can only be here and now. Please consider letting go of worn-out dogmas that tell you otherwise.

“Nonetheless, our species has developed into a conforming conglomerate. We believe the path to salvation or enlightenment will always be difficult and involve many sacrifices.”


Where and when did this misconception begin?  We pass this behavior down from generation to generation. So, what about object consciousness? Well, the mind mostly dominates our human consciousness. This humanizing process starts from birth and usually increases as we get older.  A stagnation develops that stops the flow of universal conscious energy. Thus, we degenerate from a pure universal conscious being to a mind conditioned human.

There is no Separation in a Universe of One

Let’s keep it simple. We forget the splendor of our essence as a universal presence in each moment. Our current mental path dictates conformity and non-creativity. Such thoughts and beliefs place us in a confusing and irritating dilemma. Unconscious thoughts and beliefs tend to invoke further separation from life and the universe. However, this isolation is only a mind illusion. Still, the mind dominates and encloses a person in his or her own mind.

Hence, we continue to think and believe that we are not of this universe or of life. We have lost touch with our essence as a universal being that is within all things. Our presence is within all people, plants, animals and everything alike.

The humanizing process grows ever more perplexing when the mind remains in control.  So, what if we observe the world with the innocence of a child? There will be slight variations in our observation. But, surely the following ideas illustrate the experience of living life as an innocent = wise child.

No hate toward ourselves, others, or other things. Judgement and criticism no longer exist. Differentiates such as good, bad, right and wrong have no influence over our experiences. Acknowledgement and acceptance of our universal presence becomes a constant in our life experience. Love is the basis for living life.

Therefore, be aware. Share life and love with all things. How do we awaken to a universe of love and consciousness? Simplicity is the key. Thus, recognize the vibrations of life, love, and consciousness. Then become life, shine in love, and be conscious. Universal love and consciousness are the fabric of your being, so take responsibility for it.

Best wishes, I hope that you are well and safe.


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