Unity of Life: Come Join the Party

We mostly remain unconscious to the bond that connects all things. This unity is based on life. Moreover, it is energy. What if each individual could catch a true glimpse of this oneness? Does object consciousness readily expand after the initial awakening? Definitely! Uncertainty, judgement and suffering would likely fade away. Likewise, we would acknowledge the person and divine presence as one being. Additionally, we would actually live as the unbounded life energy that engulfs us.


But, there is something to consider. Mind conditioning often influences the flow and manifestation of life. Thus, we unconsciously exist in repetitious patterns. Every new generation unknowingly inherits this behavior. Hence, thoughts manifest a conditioned and egoistical world. Therefore, egoism and isolation overshadow our unity with life. So much so that, conditioning has become a way of living. Thoughts overwhelm us. Thus, we accept mind-generated falsities and illusions as true.

Unity Nurtures Life Flow

“We remain blind to life’s true purpose. However, this purpose is not really a purpose. It is the simple act of being. It is living. Thus, the details of any situation are irrelevant. We have an opportunity to choose how something is experienced. This profoundly simple wisdom can change everything.”

The details do not determine the outcome. Rather, it is how we observe anything. To choose suggests that it originates from a state of conscious being. A deeper state of awareness ensures clarity and enlightenment. Similarly, thoughts, emotions and situations will no longer be manipulative. Furthermore, no outside nor inside influence can distort our field of presence. Mind contamination would fade away. Superfluous thoughts and emotions would become nothing more than the buzzing of flies in the distance.  The repetitive patterns that occur in many daily experiences would fade away. Living would become a blossoming and colorful experience.

Alas, we often don’t live in a state of awareness. Lack of awareness initiates manipulative details in our life unity experience. Practice following the air during breathing in and out. Then, go a little deeper into this conscious state of being. Realize that the tree, your neighbor and the universe are breathing with you in unity. The state of being in this one moment is our entire existence, the universe and life itself in a nutshell.

Best wishes


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