Excuses Validate the Story of Our Existence

We use excuses every day…back and forth…to and fro…up and down it goes. We are always making excuses.  It might seem as if I am over dramatizing. However, consider for yourself what is an excuse. And, then determine how often you use them each day.  The number that you will eventually add together is mind-blowing. Correspondingly, deeply reflect on our existence for the sake of this article discussion.  Then ask yourself how excuse-making behavior influences conscious awakening (conscious enlightenment).


People tend to always look outward in the search of reasons and validations. This is true whether we search for someone to blame or to make excuses. We hit our thumb with a hammer. What is the first reaction that flashes through our mind? “&#%! Dumb hammer, it hit my finger?” We are shopping and it suddenly starts to rain. &#%! Why must it rain now? You are walking. A car speeds by during your walk. The rain and water from a puddle splashes you. &#%! Why did it have to splash me?

Why So Many Excuses?

These may not appear to be excuses.  But, it is obvious that behavior conditioning prevents us from accepting the isness of now. What is the it that that I mention in the examples from the above paragraph? The it is any and everything that suffices as an excuse. Non-acceptance is the cause of this behavior. It is difficult for most people to accept what is in this moment. Thus, we often blame anything and anyone. We seek fault and avoid confrontations. This behavior is common in daily activities.  Furthermore, this behavior is actually two-fold. Here is the definition of an excuse as we know it.


  1. Noun: A reason or explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault or offense.
  2. Verb: Attempt to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offense); seek to defend or justify

Is there actually someone or something to blame in any given moment? This is a question that is susceptible to scrutiny and eventually debate. Still, awareness and acceptance lessen the chance of you blaming someone or something. Thus, there can definitely be no excuses.

The key to consciously awakening consists of looking inward. However, this does not suggest that you blame everything on whatever it is you find inside yourself 😊. Instead, the conscious inner journey of self-discovery is the release of a need for excuse, blame or fear. Thus, you synchronize with the flow of life and universal consciousness.

I wish you a joyful day.


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