Veil of Fear that Confuses You

It seems forever since I observed a tree leaf sailing so gracefully to a stream below.
The summer had been so warm, the days so long.
How long has it been since that moment in time?
Was it one year, ten years, or was it just yesterday?
The mind casts a veil of fear that is so confusing.
Time can be so misleading, ever so fragile.
Not real, and yet, seems so tangible.
And, yet, life as a boy seemed so simple back then… or was it?


No, not really.
Life truly understood… is neither nor.
Life just is.
However, I sat next to a stream in the forest each day.
Somehow, lost between here and there.
The water flowing just as life flows.
Life and the stream seem everlasting.
And, so I often sat just watching the water flow by.
Life bubbling from the water.
Curiosity occasionally caused me to toss a stone in the water.
The mind always asking why.
But, more often than not I just sat.
I was oblivious as life flowed by.

Lost in a Veil of Thoughts and Feelings

There were days that were so sunny, so wonderful.
Then I was happy as could be. Or was I?
Still, there were cloudy days.
Indeed, these dark days came again and again.
Thus, the sunny days were few.
Gloomy days caused the water to swirl and churn.
Fear crept over me on such dreary days.
Likewise, the murky water kept churning as it came near.
I don’t know why but on such a day I would ask myself.
The question was always; why me?
What have I done?

Nevertheless, I was blind.
My wish was just to sit on that stream bank
I didn’t really live life.
Instead, I just sat and watched as it flowed by.
I was always thinking and feeling.
Nevertheless, there was so little that I actually knew.
And, I was never there were I was.
Instead, at least in thoughts, always somewhere else.

However, life is there where I am.
And, life is that which I am.
Yes, the desires of a person.
There are many wants and demands.
Still, all of these are so silly, so unnecessary.
The life I wanted was always within me.
But, I had not seen it, I was not aware.
Thus, everything was so misleading.
Always desperately grasping to all the mind told me.
The mind had made me its puppet to command.
And, the mist of fear blinded me to all that I truly am.
This veil of thoughts and fear manipulated me.
These distractions numbed the essence of my presence.
But, that was back then and this is now… as clock time goes.
And, now without these thoughts and fears
I am aware.
And, I am free.
I am.
Blissful in the simple joy of being me.


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