Touch Yourself and Feel the Miracle

Firstly, this article is not about sex. 😊 The following shared insight is also not actually about miracles. So then, what do I wish to share with you? Do you realize the significance of being you? Please do not allow the mind to convince you this question is about temporary details of your existence. You are not special because you have a specific career, an expensive house, or an enormous ego. And, you are no less a person because you don’t have these things. Instead, your profound greatness is the simple experience of being you. Accordingly, I ask you to touch yourself on the cheek or arm. Acknowledge the true essence of this experience. You are. The realization of yourself is the gateway to the totality of being. Thus, touching your hand to cheek is not merely a physical phenomenon. You are, straightforwardly, aligning yourself with the universe.


The act of conscious awareness is the doorway to a self-realization that is beyond all details of this existence. Here also, I wish to assure you that this is not nonsense/ philosophical gibberish that I share. But, we often become confused about our true nature. The mind induces this misinterpretation. Nevertheless, you are not your mind. Rather, it is you. And, now is the time to remind the mind who’s boss. So, again, please consciously touch your hand to cheek. Awaken to the sensation of absolute beingness. Consider this awareness to be a state of being alive, if the last sentence is too philosophical for you.

Reach Beyond Space and Time to Touch the Essence of Being

Why is this exercise necessary to the process of conscious awareness? A balance between mind, consciousness, and object existence develops through your touch. Conscious awakening results from a deep and aware state of being. (You literally become the isness of consciousness.) In turn, this offers balance, harmony, and the acceptance of your nature enlightenment. You are. This is the focus point of your existence. Henceforth, you live unattached from the details of your beingness. Please consider what the isness of being truly represents. Subsequently, look beyond the mind’s misconceived thoughts about yourself and living life. Therein lies your true nature.

I hope that you are well and safe.


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