Depression and Mind Repression

The world suffers from a state of global depression. I reflected on depression after a recent email correspondence. There are the medical aspects of depression. A person can experience unhappiness and anxiety due to biological factors that are genetic and chronic. Nevertheless, the majority of people experience self-inflected misery. This behavior irregularity undermines a person’s state of being. The assumption is that situations and people cause us despair and sadness. And, there is a tad of truth to this statement strictly from a practical viewpoint. Thus, most people are likely to believe themselves to be the thoughts in their head. A person will literally lose his or her true identity due to influences of the mind. 


Hence, depression results due to unconscious reactions in daily experiences. A disoriented person misinterprets thoughts and emotions as something that defines them. However, another person, a thing, a thought or situation cannot truly express your state of beingness. The expression of life that manifests through you is your responsibility.

Let’s use the following example to illustrate. There is an accident. You experience bodily harm. The ailment or injury is real. There is pain. Are you the pain that is felt in that moment? No, of course not. The pain is strictly of the body. Therefore, whether you have anxiety, frustration or suffer is your choice.

Depression and the Act of Thinking  

The influences from thoughts, people and situations are burdening to an unaware person. Acceptance of thoughts as an expression of our beingness initiate a cause and effect dilemma in our experiences. Typically, an unaware person readily believes that outside influences control how they live. This reaction causes an unnatural shift in conscious presence. Presence seems to disappear when thoughts overwhelm a person. And, often a person will unconsciously want to blame people or circumstances for their state of being. Let’s use another example to illustrate.

You have a vacation day and are happy about your plans. So, you wake up with expectations of a great day. But, it is overcast and raining. An unconscious person usually reacts in the following manner. How can this happen? Why is it raining today? I have the day off and want to have fun. The weather should be nice and sunny, not wet and rainy. What did I do to desire this? Someone or something has something against me. This type of thought behavior goes on and on in countless experiences every day. An unconscious person will always view the moment as a result of the influence from someone, thing or situation.


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