Living Life is the Experience of Self

We are life. Living simply means to experience life. But, the mind overwhelms us with details. Nevertheless, life does not dictate concept, definition, or purpose; neither individual nor universal. Only our mind differentiates among one and many assumptions about living. Why do I live? What is my purpose? These are typical questions the mind asks. Also, science loves to baffle us with hypotheses, theories, and theorems. Religion entertains itself and the populace with conjectures and moral principles designed to guide our existence.


What does this tell us about life or universal consciousness? Frankly, these inquires tell us nothing substantial about living. Thinking about living is not the same as living. We usually experience thoughts without being consciously aware.

Experience Isness

Living unfolds without consciously conceiving that you are life. (You are you, but you should know…you are life.) Nevertheless, conceiving can corporate hand in hand with the manifestation of life. (Our manifestation.) We can co-operate with this manifestation process. However, we must first awaken. We must relearn the isness side of life before we can once again use the potential found in conceiving life (our being). We are, as yet, not truly aware enough to grasp the significance of our “being”. Experiencing the essence of our being will fulfill us. Thus, we will stop confusing life (our being) with mind-generated thoughts about living.

The mind and our ability to conceive are blessings.  However, we must first become awakened enough to discard the old conditioned patterns of the mind. Conditioned patterns of the mind have cost our species and this world dearly. The ability to awaken awareness to conscious living is significant. This allows a shift in how we experience life (being ourselves).

Experience Life through Conscious Living

This upcoming conscious blossoming will free us from the mind. We will become more aware of our relationship with the mind. This will manifest energy as a compatible frequency in the flow of life. Additionally, we will correspond with this flow. There will no longer be a need or demand to define or dominate life (ourselves). Consequently, everything conceived will result from a partnership with life (our being). So, what about something we plan or wish (conceive) that doesn’t manifest as we wanted? Then, this was strictly a mind demand that was never ours to receive. Still, we stubbornly convince ourselves that everything should be ours to receive. But, these are false mind-made projections.

A real change will only occur when we become more aware. It is vital that we learn how to relate to object consciousness. This ability allows us to communicate with universal consciousness. Are you familiar with the popular Bible verse Galatians 6:7. For whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap. This wisdom offers a new perception of life when we give it a slight twist. We can paraphrase this statement with: “For whatsoever an unaware man sows that shall he surely reap; whether he wants it or not.” This illustrates the bond that is possible with universal intelligence. Awareness and more awareness to consciousness is the key to experiencing a deeper relationship to life (your true self).

Wishing you a nice day!


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