Fear: Why Are You Afraid?

This is a continuation of the recent article Afraid? But Why? Moreover, Why Now? We all have experiences with fear. There are levels of worry; often followed by anxiety. These anxiety attacks sometimes end in panic outbreaks. This behavior takes on many forms. Furthermore, it begins with conditioned reactions brought on by thoughts (mostly past or future). But, they are illusions of the mind. So, what does it mean to be afraid of fear? Let’s use a daily situation to illustrate. You have various tasks to accomplish at work.


There are one or perhaps even several tasks that involve interacting with other co-workers. Likewise, you may need to work together with the management department. You are busily working. Suddenly, you realize that the next task will involve collaborating with others.

No big deal, right? Wrong; it is a very big deal. At least, this is what the mind might tell you.  But, why? Because, you have had one or several uncomfortable situations in the past. This has resulted in discussing these troublesome situations with a supervisor. However, he or she is actually responsible for the problems. Hence, both you and the supervisor remain frustrated and withdrawn. What happens many times in such a situation? Both you and the supervisor do everything possible to avoid any interaction.

How to Stop Conditioned Fear

Let’s take this scenario to the next level. Let’s say; for point of discussion, that this work atmosphere eventually causes you mental and physical problems. This behavior could be for any number of reasons. It could be because of conditioned reaction relating to authoritarian people. These reactions are likely due to childhood trauma.

That was then and this is now. Still, here you are. There is anxiety. It is not tangible But, it overwhelms you.  Rather, it is a conditioned memory reaction to a past situation. Nevertheless, you’re afraid. But, you don’t really know why. The mind insists that it knows why? But, you should not trust what the mind tells you. I refer to such a situation as having a fear of fear. Many years ago, I experienced situations such as mentioned above. It dawned on me that I was afraid of being afraid and not the present situation. This was a conscious breakthrough for me. It has benefited me greatly in daily experiences.

I had been afraid to confront the situation. Hence, I believed that the situation was causing the fear. Furthermore, I was afraid to experience the fear itself. This happens to each of us daily. What can we do? Firstly, realizing that the problem i.e. fear is not real. It is a product of conditioned memory reaction relapses. It is an illusion and not tangible. I like to use the phrase “A product of mind illusion”. Mind conditioning produces the anxiety, fear and panic attacks. However, it is possible to shift our perception focus. Thus, most conditioned thought patterns will fade away. Space will suddenly appear within our thoughts. Where there is space, there is also clarity and enlightenment.

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