Spiritual Evolution Is the Next Step

The words in this title describe the awakening of a person to the possibilities of life beyond the mind. Thus, spiritual transformation is a term that we often use for this shift. What happens to a person during this process? Does the person actually change? Or, does this person simply and deeply awaken to the true act of being alive?


There is a belief among most people that knowing the meaning of our existence is vital to living. Thus, primary one question dominates our existence. Obviously, we ask. What is the purpose of our existence? But, this question and the need to know is the root of much confusion, fear and judgement. However, what if we consider this question from the perspective of mind to conscious living transformation?

“Spiritual transformation is a fundamental change in a person’s sacred or spiritual life. In psychology, spiritual transformation is understood within the context of an individual’s meaning system, especially in relation to concepts of the sacred or ultimate concern.” Wikipedia

Therefore, let’s look at this from the perspective of psychology. The terms meaning system and ultimate concern are helpful to us in this discussion. What actually happens to us during the awakening to spiritual (conscious) awareness? Obviously, a person’s behaviorism changes. And, these changes benefit the conscious expansion of object consciousness. Hence, universal consciousness expands.

Conscious awakening also changes your demand to answer the ultimate concern. Trying to answer the ultimate concern causes a need to understand the totality and infinity of the universe and life. There are many written works including Aristotle and religious scriptures that reflect on the questions of ultimate beingness. Nevertheless, please practice non-attachment to science and religion during our discussion of these topics.

What is the bottom line? What changes during your spiritual (conscious) transformation? You realize that being alive offers countless possibilities. Living consciously allows you to remain detached from mind details. And, you experience a deep communion with yourself, the act of being and a unity with everything. Your true essence is the totality of being (isness) in this moment. This acknowledgement is profound when you are ready to accept the truth of your beingness.

I wish you joy and good health.


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