Clarity Via Conscious Awareness

Living life in impartiality offers true clarity in relation to any thought, emotion, person or situation.  The practice of non-attachment is your walking stick on the path of life.


This simple realization can change everything. And moreover, it changes how you experience everything. This becomes clearer as you observe situations that usually cause frustration, sadness and confusion. Suddenly, whatever unfolds does not radically influence your conscious beingness. This is the actual enlightenment that you seek. And, it is here and now.

True Clarity Within the Flow of Life

This clarity emerges through a deeper unity with the flow of universal energy. This allows you to laugh, even when something first appears terribly wrong. The following Stanza from the Tibetan Dzoghcen expresses living life in conscious enlightenment.

ཐམས་ཅད་མཉམ་རྫོགས་སྒྱུ་མའི་རང་བཞིན་ལ། །
བཟང་ངན་བླང་དོར་མེད་པས་དགོད་རེ་བྲོ། །

thams cad mnyam rdzogs sgyu ma’i rang bzhin la//
bzang ngan blang dor med pas dgod re bro//

Here is a translation of the Stanza as an excerpt from The Natural Freedom of the Nature of Mind.  The text is from Longchenpa Rabjam’s Trilogy of Natural Freedom.

Since everything is but an illusion,
Perfect in being what it is,
Having nothing to do with good or bad,
Acceptance or rejection,
One might as well burst out laughing!

Practice this daily as a stepping stone to conscious awakening. Thus, you smile when the mind labels something as good or bad. A cup falls to the floor and shatters in pieces. The mind wants to tell you this is wrong. Nevertheless, this situation is neither right or wrong. But, simply is as it is. This conscious acknowledgement allows you to laugh and know that everything is fine.

Live Life in a Flow of Clarity

Thus, you awaken more and more each day within the spaciousness of consciousness. This new perspective will confuse you, at first. Simply relax, feel the space and freedom within conscious awareness. This is your focus point in every experience. Yet, the mind is defiant. Thus, anxiety and fear will distract you from time to time.

Let’s illustrate this awakening process in the following analogy. Imagine, if you will, a tug rope game. It might first appear that the mind and consciousness are at a battle of control. However, actually the mind is on both ends of the rope. While enlightenment (beingness/isness) is on the sidelines neutrally watching the conflicting mind. This mind-conflict is misleading in the beginning of the awakening process. Therefore, it seems that the mind and consciousness are in a power-struggle. But, the mind is only in conflict with itself. You can change this behavior pattern through non-attachment. Be aware, accept everything, let go and live life.

Best wishes to you


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