Sensation of Life and Joy of Loving

Life is a beautiful sensation. Nevertheless, we often overlook the joy of breathing and the gentleness seen when a butterfly glides through the air. Must you analyze the two previously mentioned experiences? No. However, you insist on defining and labeling the act of living. But, don’t worry. You are not alone. The majority of people put life, love and the act of living under a microscope. Therefore, let’s focus on life and love during this conversation with the hope of awakening conscious awareness.


Life, is a frequency of the universe. Thus, let’s ask ourselves if love is equally a component of the universal expansion. Ultimately, love as a sensation of life, is obvious. Consequently, the act of living life introduced consciousness into objects within this realm of isness. Hence, logic suggests that the universe has the potential to experience consciousness. Please don’t misinterpret the role of any object within universal expansion. The universe and objects within the universe are of one beingness. Therefore, everything has the likelihood of awakening to the conscious act of being.

Experience the Sensation of Living

Life and love are pulsations of energy. Obviously, this is true for consciousness. And, we, as with all objects, manifest these energy frequencies. However, mind energy input disrupts the flow and output of universal energy. Living is the experience of life. That’s the foundation for existence as a conscious being. Objects, such as ourselves, come and go. Evident is a great desire in people to fully live life. But, something usually happens between the act of being and our awareness of this beingness. This is the dilemma of our human experience as a result of mind energy interference.

Our lack of conscious awareness allows the mind to manipulate the experience of life, such as a puppet on strings. The sun shines and flowers blossom. On the other hand, there will be difficulties, illness and eventual death. These existence factors are within the flow of life and the experience of living. Yes, it often seems that you are a puppet dancing to the strings of the mind. However, you can cut the strings. Therefore, focus on the simply act of consciously being. Thus, you become the co-creator of all you experience. Henceforth, the foremost and only question to ask in each moment is what will you create now.

Wishing you a joyful day


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