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Are We Just a Feather Floating in the Breeze?

Many people may be familiar with the feather at the beginning and end of the movie Forrest Gump. Forrest Gump expresses profound insight at the end of the movie. The analogy is between our existence and a feather flowing through the wind.


We use terms such as destiny and fate to describe the unfolding of situations and events. However, this behavior limits our life experience observation. Thus, restricts our understanding of how and why universal energy manifests. A feather floats in the air and appears to sway back and forth in the wind. Is this its fate in life, or is it simply a victim of the wind blowing?

Now ask yourself this same question. Is fate responsible for what happens to you? Or could it be that thoughts, people, and basically everything blow you back and forth in the dimension of life? Which is it? This first seems very difficult to determine accurately. So, Is it one or the other or both?

Live Life Like a Feather in the Wind

What if we were to say that it is neither? Is there really such a phenomenon as fate? The only plausible reason why everything and everyone seem to manipulate or even restrict us from experiencing our existence and life is because we allow this to happen. You and how you observe yourself, the world, and life are the deciding elements in understanding where, why, and what is in this moment.

Conscious living may offer us a new perspective regarding our daily activities and understanding of how everything unfolds. Does a feather fight against the wind or define the wind as being its fate? Both are unlikely simply because the feather is experiencing the natural flow of the wind. It does this without interpretation or definition. The feather is one with the now of this moment because it allows life to flow through it and the wind to move it.


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