Feather Floating Free Just Like You

Many people may be familiar with the feather at the beginning and end of the movie Forrest Gump. A reference made at the end of the movie suggests that we live life like a feather in the wind. How accurate is this analogy?


We use the term destiny or fate to describe the unfolding of events in our existence. However, this is different than observing life as a whole. A feather floats back and forth in the wind. Is this its fate in life or is it simply going with the flow as the wind blows? The latter is more likely true.

Now ask yourself this same question. Should we label everything that happens to us as fate? And, do thoughts, people and basically everything blow us back and forth in the dimension of life? Which is it? However, the first question is difficult to determine accurately. Is it one or the other, or both? Let’s simply say that it is neither.

Is there really such a phenomenon as fate? You can label how you decide to observe life as fate, if you wish. So, does the mind, other people and situations manipulate how you live? If yes, then you allow this to happen. Either unknowingly or knowingly. Do you wish for clarity and enlightenment? If yes, then you must look within yourself and observe the mind, from outside of the mind. It is possible. And, easier than you think. No pun intended by using the word think. Nevertheless, please don’t accept the mind’s interpretations of life and how you should live. Instead “be” life. And, live in the acknowledgement that you influence the flow of life. After all, your true essence is within everything you experience.

A Feather Floats Through Life and So Do You

Conscious living may offer us a new perspective regarding how we experience living. Does a feather fight against the wind or define the wind as being its fate? This is unlikely simply because it is experiencing the natural flow of the wind. It does this without interpretation or definition. The feather is one with the now of this moment. This is because it allows life to flow through it and the wind to move it. 

Image yourself gliding through the openness of life. You, as a conscious being, have the ability to allow yourself to float unrestricted in this dimension. The difference between you and a feather is that you are self-conscious. Thus, you are aware of gliding in the energy flow of life. Furthermore, you are the wind that manifests as the where, when and what within any experience. This is possible, but dependent on your state of awareness to your role and influence to how you observe everything.

The gushing winds of your existence often obscure the portal to consciousness beyond the mind. This spacious silence is the realm of energy that vibrates with conscious awareness. And, the gateway is always there regardless of what the mind thinks or believes. Call everything fate if you must. However, how you experience life is your decision.

I wish you good health and joy

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