Energy and the Manifestation of Life

Everyone is familiar with Star Wars and The Force. The force is simply another name for energy. Therefore, we are a manifestation of this mysterious something. Life produces it or it produces life. Who knows for sure? However, we do not need to go into lengthy political, scientific or religious debates about what this energy represents; nor do we need to know where it originated. It is here and now. Furthermore, we are the living example of it.


Object forms of countless shapes and sizes manifest it. The brain and body would not survive without this life energy. Consciousness being a product of life would also not survive without it. This life energy field engulfs everything. The brain has become a type of portal and equally a barrier for consciousness. Consciousness is constant. However, the mind can manipulate and restrict it.

Life is a field of flowing river of energy. A life-form contributes and influences it through mind and consciousness output. The dimension often fluctuates greatly depending on the intensity of input from either mind, consciousness or both. This suggests that a state of conscious awareness is essential in our existence activities.

Energy becomes Conscious

A dominating output of thoughts and emotions are more likely to cause an imbalance in the field of life energy. Thoughts are manipulative. Conscious awareness to life can be very beneficial in our existence. Being conscious of consciousness may allow life energy to flow in a nature manner. The mind would be a partner in our experiences. However, it would not be the master that decides how we observe a situation. Thoughts and emotions; and yes even the ego, would still contribute to object existence. Nevertheless, there would no longer be dualism between consciousness and the mind. This could decrease the feeling of dislocation between mind, body and consciousness. The three swim in the void of life energy. Life energy is the common denominator in our existence.

Am I being impulsive by referring to this given dimension as a life dimension instead of a field of universal consciousness? This is what I would like to ask you? What do you feel came first: consciousness or life? The answer lies in how we observe this unmanifested void. We can also call this our state of being. The flow of object energy is significant in determining how it will expand. The type of expansion will either be mind or consciousness. It is our decision.

Kind regards


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