Unification Through Conscious Awakening

It is possible to reestablish a harmonious relationship with life. We are co-creating in a unified field of oneness. We use the word Unification in many areas of our daily experiences, including spirituality. But what is the essence of this word? Stop now, before you start listening to your mind thinking about unity. This is not something to think about, assume, or even define. Let’s attempt the Star Wars Jedi Knight approach. This suggests feeling the life energy in you and in everything that is around you.


Live truly consciously in the moment and experience the unification that is already within and surrounds you. This is the way as taught by Lao Tzu and other sages. The body experiences energy impulses. It does not need to interpret what is there, nor does the body need to consider what it does. It simply does it. Life and universal energy manifest through the being that you are in this moment. A cooperative conscious aware state of being opens a direct portal. Hence, life-forms such as you and I freely communicate with universal energy. This is to say, when we are aware, acknowledge, and allow.  Thus, we become all things in a moment of true unity.

Unification Is a Natural State of Being

Now let’s look at a few examples of our behavior regarding the mind and conditioning. These examples may clarify the above insights. What usually happens when you encounter a bee? Most people experience fear when a bee fly’s by. It may even land on your arm or neck. The bee is simply doing what a bee does. It is indifferent. However, anxiety and fear increase in a person. Then the bee stings you. Why? Because it shared your fear. It became afraid. The instinctive reaction of the bee is to sting when it is afraid.

What happens to our unity with life in a moment of conditioned mind behavior? Nothing, because the universe always is and you always are. Therefore, the universe becomes conscious of itself through the act of conscious being. Energy and consciousness manifests in all objects.


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