Focusing on Life: Are You Ready?

More awareness to life allows consciousness to thrive. Take a deep breath for a moment before the mind takes over. Focusing on life has nothing to do with daily details; mind or otherwise. Instead we are referring to object consciousness guiding our interactions with being alive. You have probably read/heard the following insight. Become conscious of consciousness. Consciousness will work hand in hand with the mind once the awakening process starts. Thus, the mind no longer dominates the experience of living. Yes, the mind will still function. And, the mind does this better than ever before because it has accepted the role of co-pilot.


Hence, the mind, can and will relearn and gradually trust this field of universal intelligence. The conditioned mind misinterprets life and manipulates or restricts conscious awareness. We never really overcame the shock initiated by the knowledge of our human self in perspective to the universe (self-awareness).

This is probably why the mind established its dominance over our state of being alive. We literally fell back into a deep sleep (consciously speaking) instead of self-awareness blossoming. The beginning of our evolution was an explosive array of human characteristic development.  This literally overwhelmed our newly blossomed consciousness. So, the mind overpowered consciousness and has dominated it since. But, more and more people are experiencing a change. Clarity, spaciousness, and creativity are blossoming as we experience true presence. Still, it is frightening for many people to let go and live beyond thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. However, the desire to be free of mind conditioning is reconnecting us with something deep within. Fear fades and we don’t take thoughts too seriously.

Living an Active State of Focusing

The transition back to a state of focusing on presence and conscious living first seems long, even unreachable. However, it is not difficult. On the contrary, it is quite simple. This is becoming clear to more and more people. Awareness and consciousness are one and the same. That is why the sentence: “We become conscious of consciousness.” Sounds odd but is very accurate.

The importance lies in realizing that we already exist in a field of pure consciousness. We are awakening. Awareness of being here now is the only necessary key to open and enter the source of pure flowing consciousness.

Thus, the personal and collective mind will accept consciousness. We will no longer feel separated from everything. We will be aware of “living without the importance of mind details”. Living without attachment is the natural dimension in which to exist. Life consists of more than the specifics designed by our existence.

Best wishes


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