Blossom Just Like a Flower in the Spring

The unfolding of any person’s conscious awakening process may first involve illness or hardships. But a person free of sickness or financial burden may also become enlightened. Either is fine but not a prerequisite to experiencing conscious enlightenment. Life does not take sides or evaluate an object due to existential merits. It will happen when you are ready, or it will not; you decide. It is as simple as falling off a log; life is there to blossom through you.


Do you wish to join in its celebration?


A flower, bush, or tree is usually easy to see.
This being true, alas, we fail to heed.
We do not truly see what is beyond the flower.
There is more there than just a bush.
The tree is more than the leaves that it seems.

Strangely so we sometimes take notice in the spring.
The blossom of a flower may cause us to ponder.
The growth of a bush will widen from here to yonder.
A tree buds leaves and we tend to ruminate.

There is something there now to those who are aware.
A flower blossoms, hence we recall the mystery.
A tree leaf opens and offers a clue to those that see.
To see this does not mean that you feel this.
Therefore, eyes are not enough.

That which blossoms is not truly the flower.
Somehow you know this when you gaze upon a tree.
It is always there, this mystery that the eyes do not see.
You feel serenity in a moment without doubt.
Let go, surrender and consciously live life.
Then you will acknowledge that which you have always known.

Blossom and Experience the Mystery

The flower, bush, or tree may seem to blossom, indeed.
However, we have forgotten what truly blossoms.
There is something in your gaze.
You see this beyond the image in the mirror.
You feel this more and clearly through nature.
It is free of all that you consider, ponder, or fear.

There it is within the blossoming of the universe.
You feel it but confusion distracts you.
Gaze again upon the flower without uncertainty.
Then you will sense the blossoming of your own true self.

The evolution of humankind marks a milestone in self-conscious development among objects in the known universe. We began this journey as babies looking to the sky. Moreover, we were, perhaps, the first known species to ask why?

We have struggled and fought with this self-realization. However, to what end? It would seem that we continue to overlook what we have always known. The origin of life lies deep within us. Furthermore, we are a manifestation of this mystery. It is everywhere, all around us. The recognition and acceptance of this vibrating essence will release us from a self-inflicted suffering.


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3 years ago

The magic in not using your eyes to see the little things is truly a wonder, to say the least. I enjoyed this one as well.

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