Peace Is not a Place to Find

You can’t travel to a place called peace. Please, don’t even try. And, you won’t find it by looking, wishing or hoping. Peacefulness is, just like presence is presence. Likewise, enlightenment is enlightenment. These are one and the same. And, your state of being is not something you have, either you are it or you are not. (This last sentence is a useful stepping stone to conscious awakening.) So, what happens when you walk into a forest on a spring day? Strangely enough, 😊 you often relax and feel peaceful in the forest. But, why? Ask yourself these questions in such a moment. Am I being peaceful? Or, do I just think I am peaceful? There is a profound difference between thinking and being. Active awareness to the latter allows you to simply be peaceful and live in enlightenment.



Additionally, ask yourself these questions. Do I always think/feel happy when I walk in the forest? Furthermore, and importantly, must I first walk into the forest before I can relax? Foremost, how you answer the second question will reveal your overall state of being. Furthermore, ask this question. Am I always thinking and dreaming about how to be peaceful?

Stop Searching for Peace and You Will Be Peaceful

Accordingly, have you answered yes to any or all of the above questions? The examples above are similar to reaching for floating soap bubbles. Did you do this as a child in an attempt to catch the bubbles? What happened? The soap bubble burst sooner or later. And likewise, so will your attempts to find and catch peacefulness and enlightenment. Because you can’t search outward for something that you are inward.

Still, the mind is insistent. The mind asks how you can be peaceful without having something to give you peace. And, this mind chatter causes you to overlook the obvious. The act of being either allows or denies you the experience of peacefulness. So, you can practice non-attachment and non-expectancy. This is a necessary part of the awaking process. Still, the simplest way to experience peace is to be peaceful. It is that simple.  

You are stillness in any situation. Therefore, your awareness or unawareness determines your state of isness (isness = quality or suchness of being). Thus, people and situation details cannot determine your state of being. This is something only you can decide. Hence, this acknowledgement offers amazing possibilities in all experiences. Remember, your deep underlining state of being radiates peace and tranquility. Let that what you are shine back unto the universe.

Wishing you a joyful and safe day


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