The Universe Vibrates in Synchronization

You and I are so much more than we think. The face in the mirror masks the true self. We are ultimately universal energy. It is everywhere. This is a priceless treasure. Life vibrates within this energy flow. It is within us and far beyond. We can love. So be aware. Share love and care. We are life. Therefore, and enthusiastically, we should be in love with life. This is my wish to you. I hope that you are joyfully alive. I offer you love. Indeed, you inspire me. And you teach me. All things, objects and experiences, offer a portal to conscious awareness. The mind will say that there is good and bad. But always observe the spaciousness beyond mind details.


You are a gateway to I as one. We can acknowledge universal essence as home. Therefore, let it flow. Living can be so wonderful. Awaken and experience life as it is now. We can consciously share, care, and forgive. Loving life is to unconditionally love living. Thus, practice loving life and love living. Know deeply that you are the creator of your experiences. Accordingly, you will forget mind-generated details. This is a human-made world. And, it has gone rotten. But, you are not and can never be only of this world. You are ultimately responsible for how universal energy vibrates. All objects, whether consciously aware or not, are influencing this universal flow.

Universal Energy Vibrates in Response to You

To live is to love and to give is to get. We should never forget oneness. All things are within the universal vibrating flow. Life energy empowers us. Consciousness is a flowing stream that unites us. Whether you know it or not, accept it or not, care or care not. Still, I can assure you that everything will change when you are true to your essence. Know and accept your role in the universe as a gateway back to the self, the one.

“Togetherness as one is real. It is perhaps the only thing that is real. I am referring to oneness. This is our essential state of being. Not only humans but all animals, plants, and things at the conscious level of being.”

The transition back to a state of presence and conscious living first seems long, even unreachable. However, it is not difficult. On the contrary, it is quite simple. Just be. No attachment nor thought can deter you from being. Therefore, ask yourself. How do I wish to be? And how will I choose to experience being?

Wishing you a happy and safe day


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