Do You Ride Shotgun on the Path of Life?

The mind is often a vicious driver. Equally, the mind occupies itself with getting from point A to point B. And, the mind doesn’t smell the flowers along the way. Everyone enjoys a good old-fashion western movie. So, you have probably heard and use the term ride shotgun. This expression offers us a useful analogy, beneficial in the process of conscious awakening. A thinking mind is a necessary tool for survival. Yes, this is an accurate statement. But, the mind is most efficient when you consciously observe its behavior and interaction accordingly with life and living. Let’s recap the role of a person riding shotgun and how this parallels conscious living.


Contrary to our behavior, riding in the front passenger seat is a responsibility and not a privilege. Still, you see modern movies that depict people wanting the front seat. They call out shotgun indicating their wish to ride next to the driver during a road trip. Commonly, this behavior results from our want and need to feel important or special. But, riding shotgun has nothing to do with either. Let’s illustrate this role as depicted in western stories/movies. The responsibility of this person was to watch over the driver and passengers from any interference, both internally or externally. This suggest having a keen eye and always observing everything in a state of active awareness.

Ride Shotgun as an Active, Conscious Participant Observer 

So, my question to you is simple. Are you aware of the mind’s activities and behavior? This inquiry requires you to openly and neutrally observe your role in any situation. Remember, a person, thing or situation, not even the mind should prevent you from being actively conscious. We depict riding shotgun as adventurous and thrilling. And, this can and should manifest in our life experiences. Accordingly, each person must be ready and willing. The driver has a narrow and conditioned understanding of life. On the other hand, the presence of a responsible shotgun rider determines the path taken in life. So, be aware of being. And, be willing to calmly and openly show the driver (mind) how you will experience living life.

I wish you a happy and safe day. The article’s topic material can be read in my book Simplicity of Life: Why Does Being Human Complicate Everything?


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