Caring Is a Double-edged Sword

The message that I would like to share is about human beings and our knack for caring. The fact is that so often we do care even when we think or say I don’t care. Unfortunately, we submit to a strange behavioral ritual when confronted with situations involving what we define as caring. These reactions are largely due to ego, emotions, and even intelligence.


I don’t care! Do you recall how many times you have used or heard this sentence? We don’t realize it, but we use it quite often. I remember pondering on these three words when I was a teenager. It has always been a sentence that sticks in my throat. Still, these three words offer us much. A willingness to openly and consciously go beyond the mind to experience living offers conscious enlightenment.

When I write this, I am referring to the true intent behind the words. Words are only words. Still, it is interesting to know how we feel and observe what is beyond the words. What are we really feeling in such a moment? It is logical to surmise that from time to time we really do or don’t care about a particular situation that is unfolding. This is not what I wish to examine. I wish to suggest it is possible that when we say I don’t care what we really mean is I do care.

Caring About How You Share

Many people tend to use the sentence I don’t care. This happens often in a moment of frustration or perplexity. This example may ring a bell for you. You are together with your friends. Everyone wants to do something. But, no one can decide about what to do or where to go. You suggest something. No one reacts to it. Five minutes later, someone asks what you would like to do. You answer automatically with I don’t care. Is this really what you mean and what you really feel?

Here is a second example. You are speaking with a friend. Your friend wishes for you to go somewhere or do something with him or her. You say no. Your friend keeps talking with you about doing something. You repeatedly say no. A few minutes later, your friend says, I don’t care. Do what you want. What is your friend really saying to you?

These are states of mind that induce a reaction such as I don’t care but in actuality, we do care. Thus, a deeper refection on this topic opens the door to further existentialism factors such as dualism, idealism, and enactivism. We will consider these topics in upcoming articles. Consequently, an inquiry into living life beyond these mind structures offers us a deeper and purer state of being.

Wishing you a happy day


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lene devereux
lene devereux
2 years ago

Hi Steve, thank you for sharing this fasinating article which opens up many intersting questions. It is not easy to go beyond when the mind tells a sad story about being left out however most if not all of this story comes from an early age. Now being an adult… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by lene devereux
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