The Brain, the Mind and the True You

The brain is physical. It is an organ of the body. People, study and categorize it.  It is a treasure chest of unknown possibilities. And, this is where mental processes of input-output occurs. It provides us with the opportunity to acquire knowledge. Additionally, it expresses this information in thoughts and emotions. So, what about the mind? The mind is something different. Let’s consider the brain as a portal to the mind. The mind can consciously observe the energy of the brain. Likewise, it can be aware of what is beyond brain, body and itself.


Acknowledge that the brain is the gateway to the mind. But, the two are not the same. This recognition is beneficial to our conscious awakening. Thus, our conscious evolution.  The mind has no substance. Literally no one can clearly and factually explain its origin. Furthermore, there is no actual prove that the mind even exists. Yes, people try to explain the mind throughout our history. The Buddha, Aristotle and Plato considered this topic. And, most likely, many other individuals since then.

Are You the Brain, the Mind or Neither?

Who or what are you? Do you consider yourself to be a result of the brain’s activities? Or are you the mind? Perhaps, you are neither.  Do you recall me sharing that going beyond the mind is beneficial in realizing your true state of beingness? Conceivably, the mind is an access point to the inner universe. However, neither brain, mind or anything outside of your inner being can express who are you. Everything is within. Sadhguru shares that human experience is not created from outside; Human experience is happening from within. Nevertheless, the brain and mind cannot truly define it. 

Yes, the brain provides tools that offer a key to the mind. Furthermore, the mind is capable of recognizing the brain, itself and the consciousness that is beyond. However, do any of these three define you? The answer is yes if you see yourself only as a human being that is here in a temporary existence. The answer is no if you have acknowledged that your true essence is beyond all these things. This beingness is your true home. And, your awareness to consciously being is the sanctuary for living life. Thus, a person in balance with the mind, body and inner self will experience a harmonious relationship with life.


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