Steve Leasock Quotes: Life and Love


The following quotes are expressions of life and love in our existence. These are a mystery. But, felt deeply by everyone at a given level. This seems to be deep within the expansion of our inner universe. Still, it is much more than something within. It is something almost magical that immerses us while in the same instant is a part of us. Or are we a part of it? We could suggest that both are true but insignificant in our acknowledgment of the universal energy that is becoming conscious.


Yet, it is our experiences as a self-conscious object that first offers us a glimpse of the possibilities within this realm of vibrating energy. We label experiences as good or bad, happy or sad and soothing and suffering. But, this labeling is superficial and only at the existential level. However, the labels are equally insignificant. Nonetheless, we use words to communicate and share; even what we do not nor cannot truly understand.

Life Is to be Lived and Love is to be shared

Therefore, object expressions, such as these quotes, can serve as sign posts that are beneficial to our inner journey. The mind categorized our experiences. Thus, we react to them from a state of conditioned behavior. However, there will be a moment of realization when you have moved beyond these words, thoughts and even emotions; to a space of conscious being.

There it is possible to understand and focus as you co-create with universal energy to manifest countless possibilities. I sincerely hope that what I share with you through these quotes, written works and dialogs will be helpful on your inner journey of self-discovery.

The quotes have been placed on two pages for easier readability. The main topics are consciousness and love. These encompass areas of our existence, the universe and life. The links below will take you to the pages.

Life Quotes: Living as You Desire

Love Quotes: Love Begins with You


Best wishes to everyone