The Matrix of Life Is Your Wish and Your Design

Many people enjoy watching the Matrix trilogy. The Matrix story portraits a world of illusion. And, the movies suggest that life is a type of mental hypnosis and computers control our existence. Nevertheless, let’s consider an underlining message that is not immediately obvious. We actually experience a life of mental illusions due to our unaware observation of living. And, yes, there is a matrix within the universe and life. Accordingly, universal energy is within the flow of life. This energy vibration manifest through and around all objects. It connects everything. However, most people disregard the vibrating frequencies within the universal and the manifestation of life. Thus, most people are not willing or able to acknowledge their role in the flow of universal energy and life.


The Matrix of Living Life Weaves What You Create

You design and influence a matrix in each second of your existence. This is true for all objects within the vibration of universal energy at some given level. Furthermore, whether you experience living from a mentally hypnotic or fully conscious state of being is your choice. Realizing that you have a choice is a fundamental step in acknowledging that you are the co-creator of your experiences.

Therefore, consciously awaken to the potential within your influence on the flow of universal energy and life. Understand that how you influence and observe the manifestation of universal energy determines how you experience living life. Consciously observe how the mind thinks. Otherwise, you will get what the mind tells you, whether you want it or not. This is true whether this is the conscious or unconscious manifestation of this energy. The difference is that an unaware person does not know or understand why something happens. On the other hand, a consciously aware person is able to clearly observe and accept the unfolding of any experience. And, ultimately, letting go without any attachment allows a person to comprehend the manifestation of things in their life experience.

You truly have this much influence on the flow of energy that manifests. Thus, you co-create your experiences, either unconsciously or consciously and this determines how you live life. Therefore, consciously awaken to your true potential and acknowledge the true essence of your being.


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