Realize Your True Potential

Universal life energy vibrates every moment. Let’s cut through the Spiritual jargon’s and simply say energy vibrates.  And, there are many frequencies within this flow. Evolution and conditioning manipulate our observation of life. Thus, people misconstrue everything. Still, we sense these vibrations. And, these pulsations are constant. Also, we realize, at least vaguely, the potential within this energy.  Furthermore, these influence us and we influence the frequencies. But, it is difficult to stay consciously within the flow. This is because the mind still misinterprets or dismisses such conscious sensations. However, there is a beneficial stepping stone to conscious living. Acknowledge that you do not need the mind to live in a state of presence.


Nonetheless, the mind will forcefully continue to interfere with the unfolding of our life experience. Hence, the mind’s static discharges restrict the expansion of conscious energy. Unawareness to the isness of this moment causes a person to misunderstand the simple, unconditional act of living. Likewise, living in a state of awareness causes a person to readily accept the mind’s version of reality. Correspondingly, thoughts and emotions fuel the mind’s interpretation of life and living.

Realize the Potential within You

Therefore, a person can easily overlook the potential within each breath and each moment. You are influencing the creation of your experiences, and, vice versa. Each person that can grasp the depth of this statement harnesses the outcome of self-realization. Conscious awareness allows a clear observation of any experience that manifests.

Your reality is predominately mind-bound as long as you remain unaware of the mind’s activities. Your mind-perception manifest this energy as a result. So, we can express the act of living in this way. Reality is always a direct reflection of your observation. Do this unconsciously and there will always be assumptions, labels, confusion and fear. On the other hand, clarity, balance and harmony are available when you live in a state of presence.

Imagine the universe as one being, one state of isness, that co-creates with life through the act of self-consciousness. Accept the potential within you. This acknowledgement cancels out the need to ask questions and search for answers about life and living. Thus, you realize true greatness within the simple act of living life.

Wishing you a joyful day


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