Perfect Life and Path to Absolution

Here is a spoiler alert. There are three words that accurately express the ideas and insight that I share in this article. You are perfectly absolute! Furthermore, don’t doubt or reject anything you experience. Everything is perfect.  And no, I am not a dreamer nor am I attempting to see the world through rose-tainted glasses.


Nevertheless, conscious living is a necessary stepping stone to your life experience. Moreover, this inner path is an exercise in non-attachment.  The natural enlightenment of your essence blossoms when you let go of life and just live. Therefore, practice this mantra. I am perfect. Every situation is faultless. And, any given person is blameless.

Does this sound absurd? The mind surely thinks that life without attachments and dependency is impossible. However, mind assumptions and definitions are conditional reactions to living life. The mind literally disregards that the act of being, in itself, is perfect.  This is true, regardless of what the mind thinks, what you feel or what another person suggests. It seems difficult to accept life when everything fails your wants and expectancy.  However, don’t even try to change life. However, a shift in your perception of life offers clarity. An alteration in perception reveals that you are the essence of all your experiences. Life is not happening to you. You are happening to life.

A Perfect Life Awaits Us Beyond the Search for Perfection

Therefore, it cannot be any other way because the act of living verifies your flawlessness. Living is the beingness of being. Do you feel inadequate? Does the mind or other people say that you make mistakes? There will also be situations that appear to be everything, other than perfect. The body becomes ill from time to time. And, accordingly a person experiences difficulty in daily activities.  These are part of the human experience.  But, are insignificant at the level of absolute beingness.

Thus, impartial awareness is the portal to presence. Likewise, conscious presence offers acceptance of, and non-attachment to, mind – body activities.  Consequently, object imperfection results when you attach yourself to thoughts, feelings and judgments. This phenomenon results solely from a conditioned mind and is an illusion. It is obvious that aware presence can only be absolutely perfect through the manifestation and act of being.

“Our true essence originates in the manifestation of life. ‘I am who I am (ongoing)’. It is essential that we awaken to the potential within this statement. We determine the content of our existence through active awareness.”

Here is a link with simple exercises to use daily as stepping stones to living in non-attachment. How to Practice Non Attachment I wish you a wonderful day.


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