The Mountaintop Is Your True Home

Acknowledge that you live on a mountaintop. Let’s reflect on this insight before the mind contaminates the scenery with too many thoughts. You stand with your face to the sun. Furthermore, the sun is always shining at the top of the mountain. A breeze caresses your face.


Occasionally birds fly about and visit you. They sing a song of life and living. It seems you are alone here on the mountaintop. However, you are never truly alone. You emerge in pure presence. Thus, you sense the energy pulsations of the earth, the universe and life. Living in pure presence nurtures unity. Thus, separation and loneliness are abstracts of the mind.

Presence offers bliss. Therefore, time and matter have no ultimate significance. These are only details of a temporary existence. There is a path before you. The trail leads to the valley below.  And yes, you travel, on occasion, to the valley in your thoughts and actions. Nevertheless, no detail within the valley compares to the sheer rapture of living in the presence of your being.

The mountaintop Is Always the Next Step Before You

Therefore, acknowledge and consciously remain at the top where there is space to breathe, to live and just be you. The details of a mortal existence cannot compare to the peace and bliss you feel at home. You reside on a mountain rooted in the essence of being. This mountaintop is the summit of your conscious awakening. Thus, it is possible to feel the essence of life itself. This is the true you. It is the one being beyond the do and the don’t and the yes and the no.

It may, at first, seem difficult to acknowledge this mountaintop. However, I can assure you that this is your true home and it is here where you exist. The mind distracts you. Hence, thoughts and even emotions restrict your awareness to the simplicity and purity of your beingness. The valley below appears to offer many possibilities.

However, this is an illusion of the mind. You already are and have everything that the mind insists is there below in the valley. Therefore, accept the innate wisdom from within yourself through the practice of conscious beingness. Yes, the chatter and clatter of the mind echo’s through the valley. Nevertheless, thoughts and emotions fade, just like echo’s, when you focus on the bright sun on the mountaintop.

Wishing you joy and good health


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