Striving for More and Then What?

The desire to have more overshadows our behavior. But, this does not necessarily mean we should say it is good or bad. We probably would not be where we are now without striving for more. Prehistoric human beings struggled for more just to survive in a hostile environment. And, this continues onward throughout our evolution.


So, striving for more started as a primal need to endure. Nevertheless, there came a point when the desire to have more outweighed the actual need for more. Early humans instinctively wanted to live. This was a do or die scenario. We reached for more. Thus, established a place in the evolution tree structure of life. And, yes, we can say that the need to overcome all odds has been beneficial regarding practical aspects.

Striving for More Will Ultimately Give You Less

Nevertheless, does this, sometime, ruthless behavior nurture our intellect? Maybe. And, has the desire for more benefited self-consciousness? Perhaps.  What about our active awareness as a universal being? Does wanting more add something to the space of beingness (isness)? Probably not. On the contrary, the desire for more manipulates how we live within a state of presence. Early and modern humankind regard many experiences as a challenge. What started as a necessary behavior to survive has become a hindrance to the development of conscious awareness. Nevertheless, awakening to conscious presence is just one step, one blink of an eye away. 

My reference is to conscious evolution or more precisely, our awareness to conscious living. The striving urge to do more and get more is still very prevalent in our personal and collective thought processes. But, must mind dominance remand predominate in our daily activities and decisions? No, definitely not. We still yearn to reach for more. Although, we usually have more than we will every need. This attitude overshadows the awakening of conscious awareness. Nonetheless, the shift from mind existence to conscious living has begun in many people. Obviously, the phrase less is more is easier to understand in reference to conscious living. The need to do and the desire to get distract us from the simple pleasure of just being. Therefore, practice tuning into the experience of being without placing significance on the details within being.

Wishing you a joyful and safe day! 

P.S. Here is a link for information about Zhuangzi and his teachings.


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