Life is not a Goal to Obtain

Do you think life is a goal to accomplish? Well, life is life. It sets no merits, guidelines or predetermined plans for us. Furthermore, universal intelligence has no divine plan.  Life most certainly does not want us to follow a certain path. Therefore, live life and keep it simple. Likewise, there are no prearranged stepping-stones on the path of life.


Being human offers no certainties. There are none. Nevertheless, we insist that there is a purpose for each of us. This is naive. Life does not have a purpose for us or anything.  However, all objects have a purpose; universally speaking. The universe experiences itself through the conscious awakening of any object. Hence, the search for a purpose is strictly human behavior. Being human mean having a purpose. Or does it?

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A goal is a normal aspect of being human. But, this is only relevant for practical factors.  Life, on the other hand, has no such intentions. It simply is. Likewise, let’s consider the following suggestion. It is wise to flow with life energy consciousness and not against it. So, should we still make chooses? Yes, but practice making conscious choices. Also, often it is best not to choose. Instead, just be aware and allow.

Your Goal, if any, Is to Experience Living Life

It is beneficial to conscious awakening if we can accept what is now. Thus, we experience more harmony within ourselves. Become aware, accept, and, only if truly needed, act to change a situation. Life, nor consciousness, makes no deal with the objects within the universe. We are not only object (self) consciousness but also absolute consciousness. This is not a goal. It is the experience of being. We are awakening to this state of presence. But, as a species, it seems that we are mostly still deaf to the voice of the universe.

This change is a spiritual movement that awakens conscious awareness.  But, please do not misinterpret the word spiritual. Spirituality is not a prerequisite for enlightenment.  Rather, it infers the need to step over shadows of mind misconceptions. A more aware state of being is blossoming in people.  Spirituality is a word such as religion, God, or Buddha. The word has no real significance, other as a possible sign post.

But, we should not misuse the manifestation of life conscious energy. The mind insists that freedom only comes through definitions, labels, and undertaking something to get something. This is exactly what we should not do. We must go beyond, labeling, believing, and thinking.  The isness of life, the universe, and presence should be an unconditional experience.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

P.S. The above text is an excerpt from my first book One Moment in Life: Reawakening Inner Awareness.



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