Practice Inner Peace

Life Quotes: Living as You Desire


Practice letting each thought flow without attaching anything to it. No labels, no judgement, and no anxiety.

Have you every thrown one stone after another into a tranquil surface of water? The waves spread out in all directions. They collide with each other and all things that get in their way. In the same manner, this is the affect that thoughts have on our state of presence. The baseline (being present) is calm. ‘But, one thought after the other results in turbulence. What happens to a calm lake when you throw one stone after the other into it? The waves from each stone collide into each other without flowing their nature course. Similarly, the mind throws countless thoughts and feelings into our state of conscious living. ‘This is because we unconsciously attempt to focus on the majority of these passing thoughts. Hence, the torment of thought waves flood over the serenity of aware presence. Practice letting each thought flow without attaching anything to it. No labels, no judgement, and no anxiety.”

Trust is the core of spirituality. Self-certainty reflects the oneness of life and the ability to unconditionally be, live and love. Thus, rely on the essence of being.

Realize deeply that most thoughts are not as significant or as serious as the mind tells you.

Any destination is only a speculated goal. But, a conscious journey along the way offers life and love.

The unconscious mind distracts and deceives. Aware presence reveals and enlightens.

You are awakening to consciousness. This new perspective and clarity can be confusing. Additionally, you will begin to feel space and freedom in all you do. Yet, it can be scary and the mind is defiant. Imagine, if you will, a tug rope game. This battle of control first appears to be between the mind and consciousness. However, the mind is on both ends of the rope. While enlightenment (consciousness) is on the sidelines neutrally watching the conflicting mind. This mind-conflict is misleading in the beginning of the awakening process. It will seem that the mind and consciousness are in a power-struggle. But, the mind is only in conflict with itself. You can change this behavior pattern.” Be aware, accept, and let go.

Energy may be the element that unites Body (form), mind (thought) and consciousness. All three can thus exchange input and output. Additionally, all can freely influence this field. This readily allows energy to manifest. These are flowing frequencies that flourishes in a dimension of oneness.

Practice experiencing everything in a state of non-expectancy and non-attachment. The beauty of living will sudden become clear.

The simplicity of life is universal. Mother Nature is a wonderful teacher.