Life Quotes: Living as You Desire

“The key to unlocking greatness is found by awakening to the truth of your essence. You are a vessel that is transforming energy from the inner universe, into the outer universe.”

“Have you ever heard the statement: Being in the world but not of it? This has been mentioned in writings dating back thousands of years and even in the Bible. This is basically saying that we are now human beings in this world. It is okay to accept this form, but we do not need to be only this form with all its behaviors and tendencies. It is possible, through the level of our species’ consciousness, to witness the human development (dilemma) that we have imposed onto the true self.”

“Consciousness and love go hand in hand on the path of life. The next step of our evolution would benefit greatly from the expansion of these energy” frequencies.”

Steve Leasock quotes

“The desire of each person is to discover a balance between our mortal existence and the divinity within the presence of our being. This is often referred to as universal consciousness or oneness.”

Our practice is to love and to live without the demands and attachments of the mind.
“Are you confused about being human? The reason is because you are much more than what the mind wants you to think or believe, and you know this innately. Being does not mean that we will not become ill. It does not imply that this human form will not encounter difficulty and pain. Being does not suggest that we will receive a paradise that the mind thinks we lost and are so desperate to find. Being is simply that; it is.”

“Our existence is ultimately based on living and loving more consciously in harmony with life, the inner self, other people, and other things. Awareness of consciousness will eventually allow us to recognize and accept that the totality of everything is one. You are the one presence that is divine in nature through the simple act of being.”

“Presence may offer a glimpse into infinity. This is in reference to the endless possibilities provided by acceptance of what is. There is freedom and serenity to be found in the simple act of being what we are. We are life manifesting in the form of a human being.”

“Is life, love, or any detail of our existence really that complicated? There are situations that warrant our attention. This is unavoidable for a life-form living in a universe with other objects. However, it is the mind that infests the moment with random thoughts and emotions. The mind is usually the master that dominates, and conscious awareness is the servant.”

“The mind is not all-powerful, and it is possible to shift from mind to conscious awareness. It is a relearning process that each person can undertake. There are unlimited possibilities within the dimension of universal consciousness. You will suddenly experience life from a perspective that is long-lasting, vibrant, and colorful, thereby recognizing that you are the true master and the mind is your faithful servant. The three—mind, object consciousness, and universal consciousness—can thus harmoniously interact and blossom.”

“Our practice is to become more aware of life energy and to acquire a deeper understanding of living in a state of presence. This, in turn, allows consciousness to expand as it becomes more and more aware of itself.”

“Love is the mainstream frequency flowing through the expansion of life energy. However, as with life and conscious awareness, we must acknowledge love and take responsibility for it.”

“We are a life-form that is manifesting life. This, in itself, is only an object. Nevertheless, our true self is so much more. Furthermore, what manifests in our existence depends on our relationship with the mind and how we now see ourselves.”

“Togetherness as one is real. It is perhaps the only thing that is real. I am referring to oneness. This is our essential state of being. Not only humans but all animals, plants, and things at the conscious level of being.”