Life Quotes: Living as You Desire


“A smile, just like a moment of living consciously, can ripple out touching and changing everything in the universe.”


“A clear understanding of your inner universe will help you to see the outer universe much clearer. The Force is strong in you, just let it flow. There is no absolute yes or no. There is only here and now.”

“People expect another person or thing to make them happy and fulfill them. Perhaps this is why so many people have difficulties and suffer in relationships. One or the other or both are always expecting the other person to give them something that they think is lost. It is always there within but most people are still expecting to find it out there somewhere.”

“Evolution conditioning mind patterns are very distracting and restrictive. Hence, the mind repeatedly regains dominance over our conscious state of being until it doesn’t. This may seem vague. However, I know that you understand.”

“Oh, the sweetness of summer will soon fade. The first leave will soon take flight. The days become shorter and the nights will be colder. Later the snow will fall to blanket the earth. This is Mother Nature living and breathing. There under the newly fallen snow are the seeds that become the flowers of spring. This is her life and her beauty.”

“Every everlasting moment is not a repetition of the last or a prerequisite for the next. Live and experience life and love now.”

“The end justifies the means.” This sentence is quite debatable. Instead, let’s say that All experiences lead to this moment”

“Being lonely is considered real. The mind has used evolutionary tricks of the trade to invoke loneliness. It is only a state of mind. It is not real. Do you really want to ‘be’ lonely?”

“The lack of mind-imposed demands, restrictions and conditioning will allow you to simply be who you are in each moment. You are essentially the now itself and not the minds superimpose details that have been added to this state of presence.”

“Being in sync with life will allow you to experience everything naturally, as it unfolds, and not how the mind interprets it.”

“Life does not dictate concept, definition, or purpose; neither individually nor universally.”

“We are blessed with the gift of life. Now is the time to actively become aware of this precious endowment.”

“The moment has come to consciously awaken and change how we see ourselves; thus, we change the universe.”

“Go beyond the mind and discover you have always been where you had wished to be but thought that you could not get there.”

“We can now understand that the development of this world and the universe is dependent on what we think, what we wish and what we decide.”

“The human mind has manipulated our species existence. We no longer know how to do the one thing that should be the most natural and simplest.

“We have forgotten how to just be.”

“Every moment of life is, by true definition, the first, and the last of our human existence. “How do you wish to live this one moment?”


“Energy is manifesting universally and this is ongoing. The now of this moment is everlasting and so are we. Awareness is the key that can set you free.”

“We seek eternity through science, religion and philosophy. This moment cannot truly be defined. It is now. Knowing this deeply is to know eternity.”