Delusions of the Mind Obstruct Living Life

We stubbornly hold tight to repetitious mind delusions about life and living. Accordingly, the mind invokes a behavioral pattern of resistance and separation relating to the essence of our being. Mind-made separation from life and the act of being causes difficulty for everyone. Regardless, if a person is consciously awakening or not. The mind illustrates problems in a world of beliefs and concepts. Thus, thoughts and feelings condition us to think life is a problem to overcome. Consequently, the mind establishes difficulties, confusion and suffering as factors in the experience of being human.


Therefore, we forget that life blossoms through the manifestation of our being.  Hence, the majority of people still do everything the mind tells them. But, experiencing life and consciousness within ourselves and all objects is an act of Acknowledging, Accepting and Allowing beingness. To simply be and to allow does not necessarily imply doing nothing. A fish does not need to think about swimming to know it is in water.

Don’t Let Mind Delusions Determine How You Live

Conditionally based questions and delusions are primarily responsible for integrating falsehood into our existence. The delusions we place on our existence engulf all factors of how we live, including love. Nevertheless, it is not our purpose to live or love. But, rather, we are here to be. And, since we are here now it is beneficial for us to live life in a state of conscious presence.

I ask that you deeply reflect on this next statement. How you observe the manifestation of your beingness in life is always… always your choice. Therefore, how you witness the act of being, here and now, determines how you will live. And, ultimately, beingness is not dependent on any temporary situation.

Ask yourself the following question, when possible, during any thought, emotion or situation. What is the beingness of your being? This practice nurtures awareness to the space within your presence in any moment.


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