You Are an Echo of the Universe

What happens when you shout from a mountain top into a valley? This causes an echo. The echo vibrates across the valley, bouncing from mountain to mountain. The vibration of your voice is a process of articulatory phonetics. The vocal cords vibrate. This produces sound. Now imagine. Astonishingly, all objects in the universe pulsate with energy. Furthermore, and equally incredible is the knowledge that objects are the manifestation of energy.


“Ultimately, all matter is just vibrations of various underlying fields.” ( the article on this site suggest that consciousness is the result of how energy vibrates. So, just for fun. Let’s paraphrase the above excerpt. Everything that manifests in the universe results from energy. Furthermore, these frequencies become conscious of themselves through universal objects. Hence, this suggest that these vibrations are the essence of consciousness, both object and universal. Mutually, being one and the same.

You Echo Throughout the Universe

Therefore, the outer universe is an echo of your inner universe. Give yourself a moment to reflect on this last statement. So, let’s go one more step down the path on our inner journey. You transform universal energy into experiences. Thus, you are the experiences you are experiencing. Just like awareness to awareness equals consciously living. This realization overwhelms most people. Because we think, believe, and accept exactly the opposite. Personal and social development patterns teach us that fate, a God (Gods), and even luck define our state of being. And strangely, these dogma structures punish us if we wish to let go of these self-made limits.

But, you are energy. And, you create energy. Ask yourself this question. What energy frequencies am I sharing with the universe? Do you know? This next question is paramount in understanding why and what is manifesting in any given moment.  What is your relationship with the mind? This is the key question in consciously awakening to a state of deeper presence. I emphasize this statement often in my articles and conversations. This insight is a useful conscious awakening stepping stone when you are ready.  Practice acknowledging that how you experience anything is your responsibility.

“Our practice is to become more aware of universal energy. And to acquire a deeper understanding of living in a state of presence. This, in turn, allows consciousness to expand as it becomes more and more aware of itself.”

Wishing you a joyful and safe day


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