Is Happiness the Key to Life? Are You Chasing It?

I recently received an email from someone. The topic and questions within this email related to happiness and lack of it in daily experiences. Please deeply reflect on your understanding of happiness before you continue reading. What does this word mean to you? Are you looking for contentment but think it is hard to find? Do you expect to find happiness through a materialistic object or a relationship with someone or something? The very act of searching and expecting will result in unhappiness.


This type of mindset is toxic. Such behavior restricts object consciousness and ultimately, universal consciousness. This person wrote in the email that it is impossible to change someone. And, the email continue with this statement. However, it is possible to change yourself to make other people happy. Please reread these sentences and consider your own experiences. Are you unknowingly trying to make others happy?

Happiness Is Impermanent

This behavior is very restrictive and contaminates the flow of universal energy. Always look inward because it is beneficial to observe our own behavior in any given situation. Especially experiences that result from our attempts to find contentment. These wants and expectancy usually cause the opposite of pleasure. Instead, you will repeatedly experience despair, sadness, and bitterness.

Furthermore, it is not possible to know happiness if you do not acknowledge it within yourself. Moreover, cheerfulness is always temporary. Everybody wants to be happy. But, you will seldom encounter a person that is truly and always happy. This is because good cheer is a state of mind. Bliss, on the other hand, is a state of being that can be eternal. How do you experience blissfulness? You cannot do anything to experience bliss. Nor can you obtain bliss by searching or expecting it. Acknowledge life and know deeply that you are alive. Therefore, say this to yourself often until the depth of being becomes obvious. You are alive. This is the beginning of your awakening transformation. This realization will dissolve all mind-made obstructions and delusions.

P.S. Does acknowledging a state of blissfulness mean that you will always be happy? This will be the topic in an upcoming article.


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