A Day Filled with Miracles: Part Two

Do Miracles happen every day? Moreover, what is a miracle? We automatically associate a miracle with religion, a deity or some other supernatural power. Google Search offers this definition.

“Miracle: A surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.”



We have convinced ourselves; through lack of explainable definitions, that a miracle originates from a good greater than ours. What if it is nothing more than life manifesting itself through a given object? Furthermore, what if a proclaimed miracle has neither motive nor a purpose? What if it is just a result of life flowing naturally? Here again human beings have superimposed a form definition unto an occurrence that is perhaps nothing more than the flow of energy.

This is definitely not something that we should explain nor should we even try. Let us use the definition of a miracle only for practical purposes to expand our discussion. Many people may say that something must first fall into a specific category before we dare say “That’s a miracle”. This could range from an event related to a religion or one of strong humanitarian nature.

Miracles Manifesting Now

What if a miracle is as simple as you experiencing an inspiration relating to a wish or desire? You co-create this manifestation. Whether you experience it or not depends on your level of awakened consciousness. Furthermore, how something manifests may not be exactly as you had wished; but it occurs. The universe (life) has given you this gift because it is yours to receive. Is this a miracle or just a coincidence? Our human form conscious energy can even harmonize with life conscious energy to produce miracles. The significance lies in understanding that life can only give you what is yours to become. If you or I do not receive something it is either because we did not generate the conscious energy needed or it was not ours to claim.

I would like to share another experience relating to our topic. Something interesting happened shortly after the experience with the photo booth that I mentioned in the last Post. I was walking through the main entrance area in the building where I work. I glanced in the main office. There I noticed a co-worker sitting at her desk; she had started work a little later than the other people. I told myself that I would stop later to say hello. A short time later I needed to call another co-worker in the same office. I dialed the number without “thinking”. The co-worker that I had planned to visit answered the phone. I instantly knew that this was an example of acknowledging and receiving a co-created gift (miracle) from life. I had unknowingly dialed her number instead of the number for the other co-worker.

Miracles are no Coincidence

You may again say that this is purely coincidence. I can only share with you what occurred in that moment. I innately knew exactly why it unfolded in this manner. This is because I had projected a wish through object energy into the dimension of life energy. However, I had not wished or expected it to manifests in this way. Therefore, it was surprising to receive this gift. Moreover, it was wonderful to feel the space surrounding the experience.

It may first sound somewhat crazy for you. Hence, I suggest doing an experiment. Observe your daily activities from a state of presence unattached from the details of the experience. Do this ongoing when you are aware of presence. Then observe if events unfold in correlation with a given idea, wish or desire. It is our alignment with life that will allow us to experience everything as a miracle. I can affirm observing countless such experiences over many years. There is a beauty and awe to these experiences. There is a feeling of complete freedom in such a moment. It is quite mesmerizing.

Kind regards


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