Breath of Life: You are Alive

Breathe in slowly and breathe out even slower. What are you experiencing? We feel life in each breath. However, let’s focus on more than just the biological ramifications. We know that the body is an organism that must have oxygen to exist.


However, the breath you take also entails the flow of life within it. This, in turn, provides the basis for object consciousness to awaken. Thereupon, the portal to universal consciousness opens. Your state of presence allows passage.

Many meditation practices focus on the breath. However, this is only a prelude. The process of breathing can be a very helpful jumping board. We immerse ourselves within the vastness of universal energy. This is to say that we become aware of this dimension. We acknowledge this field of unmanifested energy. This awakening (awareness) allows us to let go and flow with this energy.

Breath of Life

There was a time so long ago, I was so lost.
Through it all, I somehow knew.
This cannot be true.
There was something I felt.
It came from deep within.
Or was I deep inside it?
I cannot be sure.

It was a feeling, a voice however distant.
Yet somehow so near.
This feeling; this voice, is so pure and true.
There was so much that happened to me, so it had seemed.
Emotions and thoughts, oh I was so lost.
I did not understand very much about my existence or life.
I lived many years in anxiety.
It seems I had wanted to suffer.
However, I had always felt something.
There in the midst of it all.
I somehow knew…listen to this voice.
The stillness is true.
I was compelled to be and not to do.
Moreover, I no longer look to the future.
Nor do I glance to the past.

I learned to no longer do the things I had done.
Therefore, I know now where I belong.
I was told that there were so many paths in life.
However, I have learned there is only one.

Furthermore, the true essence of life contains really none.
I then did the opposite of what I had been taught.
Everything changed; it became quite clear.
To be free, to be alive does not mean to win.
To truly be free…I must let go.
In the eyes of humankind I must lose.
To be sure only then could I win.

Now I feel it so clearly, my heart opened wide.
That which I had searched for had always been there.
There never was a reason to ask why.
Now I could feel it, so free and alive.
It was obvious that I had been oblivious.
Strange as I seems, I had somehow known it had been so.

I have gone full circle.
The circle was completed and the fears have subsided.
What I rediscovered had always been there.
It is impossible; least we never forget.
What you are cannot be lost.
It is consciousness.
Furthermore, it has awakened through you.
It is nurtured in life energy.
There it is given to us to give to others.
Truly; what you give you will surely receive.

Best wishes



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