Expectation Distracts Us from Living Life

Understandably, most people encounter day to day activities. And therefore, have primary concerns that distract them from living, truly living, and experiencing life and the presence of being. Expectation and demands overshadow our experience of life. Furthermore, and strangely enough, something unexpected is always happening. But, change is constant in a universe of things/objects.


It might still be difficult for you to accept, but you (presence) are constant. This will become obvious to you after the shift from mind to conscious awareness has begun. Yes, things happen and will continue to happen. But how you observe yourself and the mind will give you clarity. This, in turn, will determine how you perceive everything that unfolds in this moment. John Lennon offers beneficial insight into living life fully.

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” – John Lennon
Why Do You Have Expectation?

I will continue this discussion with one or two articles that I will share within the next two days. The upcoming articles share insight that suggests that we are not living life to experience life. Rather, we live with the expectation that life must give us something. Our expectations could be good health, money, a house, a car etc. But, does life and living have anything to do with our expectancies, demands, and attachments?

Love to read your ideas about thisx

P.S. My continual interest and dedication is to share, learn, and consciously expand with you. Therefore, please write and share your insight, ideas, and questions with me. You can do this either here on my website, Facebook or via email.

Everyone wants to experience enlightenment…balance and harmony. But, most people still choose to search for it, chase it, and dream of it…without realizing that they already have it.  Yes, that’s right, you can choose to remain imprisoned in the mind. Or, you can let go and become a conscious state of presence.

I hope that you are well and safe, best wishes

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