You Exist but Are You Truly Living?

Everything is happening as it should happen. Moreover, we are experiencing everything according to our specific vibrations. We exist.  But often we are not aware of being alive. This may sound very silly. But, please stop listening to the mind clattering away and tune into the vibrations of life.


Our behavior is still mostly repetitive and unconscious. Yes, it is correct to say that we laugh, we cry, and often we are afraid. But are we actually experiencing life? Everyone will have a slightly different answer. So, how alive are we? This will depend on the level of our conscious awareness. The mind is always analyzing. Still, we cannot interpret or define the act of living or being conscious. Nor, should we try. Therefore, the mind distracts us. Thus, it seems that we strive to obtain the knowledge of life. But, in actuality, this mind-game keeps us catching our own tail without knowing why. There is a down-side to this phenomenon. The mind manipulates us with details. Thus, we cannot truly experience life.

 You Exist to Experience Life

We have generally accepted living life in a comatose state of being. This is not really living but rather only existing.

“People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”
– Abraham Lincoln

How can we change this behavior? It is helpful to acknowledge the following insight. Universal energy will reveal itself according to the relationship with ourselves, the mind, the universe, and life. How we observe everything is how it will unfold. This will determine and can nurture a state of conscious awareness. Correspondingly, our awareness will influence the flow of universal energy as it becomes more conscious of itself.

It is spiritually beneficial to free the mind of the crazy things that humankind wants us to believe. Just trust your instinct and listen to the consciousness of life. This is your true self. Furthermore, your essence is this pure energy of life. Hence, living is remembering that you are alive and that life (you) can and will manifest in many forms. The significance lies in finding balance within yourself and harmony with universal energy consciousness. 

You will eventually become consciously united with life. You orchestrate everything in tune with how you observe it. Life is just as it should be. Life is as you allow it to be. Give good things to the field of universal energy consciousness and it will give good things back in return.

Exist and Be Alive

Oh, to simply be…to see the trees, the lakes and the seas. Life is living freely as one.
Somehow, deep inside, we all can see.

How do I find the way back to the place I never left?

I often dream of being there.
Within Life but somehow beyond the mind.
A place where there is no time, reason, or whine.

Living is to be alive without the how, but, or why.
I have chosen to be free.
How about you?
How do you feel?
Will you join me as one?


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