Count the Reasons Why

Have you ever been in love? This may seem peculiar to ask. However, it is not an abstract question. Furthermore, it also has philosophical potential. However, our discussion will be based on practical applications of what we call love. Let’s look at this excerpt from the poem written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.


You have falling in love. Do you recall asking yourself, your partner or anyone else why you fell in love? No, probably not. Initially it was enough to simply be in love. You met someone and the sky-rockets started to explode. You felt yourself intertwining with this person. This allowed two to become one. You realized what it means to love unconditionally. You did not need to count the reasons why you loved. It was beautiful just to love.

Simply Love but don’t Count any Reasons Why

Nevertheless, the days seem to come and go. The rapturous feeling of being in love fades. Daily routines and activities are often overwhelming. What has happened to the unconditional love that was experiences during the first eye contact with this person? Don’t ask any questions in an attempt to find it. It is still there. However, you are not focusing on it. The essence of love, as with life, is always flowing through us. However, a person’s experience of love will become conditioned by mind distractions. Therefore, a demand to explain or even to use love abusively results from this behavior.

The mind cannot accept unconditional love. Therefore, one or both people in a relationship will suddenly feel uncomfortable. This uneasiness can cause a partner to accuse the other of something. Insecurity may also cause one or the other to expect more from each other. The mind will tell you stories. Additionally, it will demand that your partner count and even list the reasons for loving you. He or she will probably expect the same from you. Furthermore, the mind will assume that you cannot truly be in love if you or your partner doesn’t have a reason for being in love.

I wish to share more with you but do not wish for the article to become too long. Therefore, I will continue this discussion in the next article.

Best wishes


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