Bugs and Insects Everywhere

I observed a bird hopping through the grass searching for something to eat a few days ago. The bird does what we do each day in an evolutionary and fundamental manner.  Survival is instinctive… as is true for all animals, plants and people. Thus, a bird eats bugs, worms and basically anything that is digestible. Of course, species evolution differs between birds and humans in various aspects. And yet, the two, as well as all species, are more alike than is apparent at first glance.


Are you self-conscious? And, if yes, do you think that self-consciousness provides you with advantages? Well, on the contrary, self-consciousness is a psychological side-affect that adversely influences living within unconditional presence. Let’s use the bird to illustrate this idea. Bugs and other insects are everywhere. And, yet, from time to time a bird will attempt to catch something to eat and miss. What does the bird do after it fails to catch a bug? It continues hopping in the grass without any self-contemplation or self-doubt until the next insect appears. On the other hand, what do you often experience when you miss the bus or can’t complete a task? Self-consciousness, overthinking and conditional behavior overwhelm you with confusion, self-doubt and fear. Thus, evolutionary development of cerebral functions such as self-consciousness and classical conditioning inhibit our aware presence.

Bugs in the Grass and Your Awareness of Living

Here is another question for you to ponder. Are your self-aware? And, please don’t confuse self-consciousness with self-awareness. Yes, these first appear to be the same manifestation of your being, but they are different. Self-consciousness is a direct derivative/product of the mind that trigger overthinking, conditional behavior and attachment. Quite the reverse, self-awareness unconditionally acknowledges your presence and what you think and feel without attachment to the details.

Let’s consider the two in this way. Self-consciousness is strictly of the mind. Thus, living a self-conscious existence will always backfire and cause you anxiety, stress and fear at some level. Meanwhile, self-awareness is the acknowledgement of consciousness. Hence, this recognition of consciousness allows you to clearly observe the process of thinking, feeling and your behavior. And, there within a conscious state of presence, you learn to live unencumbered by mental self-conscious details and self-preoccupation.


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