Mind Congestion Stops Life’s Natural Flow

The word congestion invokes various images in our mind. And, that is exactly the point. The mind blocks out and can literally suffocate the experience of life. So firstly, our practice is to accept the mind’s activities. However, presence is not actually of mind or body. Yes, mind and body flow within presence. But, the objects with this moment are not the moment itself. This realization is a vital stepping stone on the path of conscious awakening.

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Mind congestion, on the other hand, causes the nature flow to slow or eventually stop. Specifically, this suggests a blockage caused by thoughts. Let’s use a personal experience to illustrate. I wanted to take a shower. I placed a cloth bath mat on the floor in front of the sink. My wish was to shave before the shower.

Free Yourself from Thought Congestion

I glanced at my reflection in the mirror. I felt each stroke of the razor blade on my face. This was presence. But, suddenly I was no longer there. Yes, I still saw my reflection in the mirror. But, I was not there, not aware. Thoughts about a work-related situation blocked my conscious observation of presence. These thoughts obscured the natural clarity of the moment. More precisely, my unconscious attention to these thoughts distracted me. I continued to shave. My saw my hand moving the razor. Nonetheless, I was not there. Instead, I was in a discussion with the mind.

Hence, I didn’t feel the vastness and oneness within the dimension of conscious awareness. Instead, I felt separate from everything. Consciousness was congested by the thoughts of a past situation that had no influence over that moment. Mind and body dominated and blocked out my awareness of presence. I was unconscious and thinking and behaving on auto-pilot. This became obvious as I eventually observed my interaction with these thoughts and my bodily behavior.

My wish, if you recall, was to take a shower after shaving. To do this consciously, I would have moved the bath mat from the sink to the shower stall. However, I unconsciously picked up the mat, folded it, and placed it on the rim of the shower stall. Fortunately, I was once again in the zone of aware consciousness and saw myself pick up the bath mat. Then, I laughed loudly at myself. This might seem a trivial example of how we unconsciously live during our daily activities. But, our conscious observation and awareness of such a moment will nurture further expansion of conscious awareness. Thus, conscious awareness becomes a constant experience within the natural flowing act of being.


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