What Is Beyond All That You Think?

The mind is wonderful for helping us in daily activities. It is very practical and has provided an opportunity for us to evolve to our present state of existence. But there is a price that we have paid regarding our dependency on the brain. This price has been a suppression of our awareness to true consciousness. Consciousness is a result of local and universal evolution. But the mind overshadows this development. This is why a practice of going beyond the mind can result in a more acute perception of space consciousness. 


This word and statement sound very peculiar when we use it in reference to obtaining access to higher consciousness. I speak to many people about this and suggest practicing it during meditation. Meditation offers easy access to a beyond the mind experience. Furthermore, with practice, you will choose to live life beyond the mind in all experiences. This will be your daily state of being. Regardless of whether you have prepared yourself through meditation or not.

Beyond Mind: What Will You Find?

Now is the reference point to reach beyond the mind. Obviously now is the true entry point for everything. It can only be now. There is a considerable amount of writing and discussion about the now. It would actually seem that everyone is searching for the now. However, you cannot find the now within the mind. What is presence? And, why is it so essential to become truly aware of consciousness and universal oneness? Again, as mentioned above, truly living means not using the mind to experience the act of being.

The now, as with all content of our existence, should not dominate our state of being to a point of causing restrictions or manipulations in the flow of consciousness between our person, other objects, and universally. Expectations and demands restrict the portal to now and the state of being beyond the mind.

Often this is a trick of the mind, especially during the early stages of shifting from mind to consciousness as the predominant catalyst in our daily activities. This shift and the practice of going beyond both mind and the now will develop naturally and without the mind’s interventions. Your aware participation in life is a key element to this transformation process.


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