Searching for Purpose

We are constantly searching for a purpose. The mind thinks that there is a reason for everything. These thoughts have become conditioned reactions. The collective belief is that there can be nothing without a reason. Furthermore, we sadly occupy each moment with the demanding need to have a function. We base the structures of our entire existence and the universe on this very assumption. This necessitated the establishment of mathematics, science and religion. However, the minds attempts to explain the unexplainable have proven faulty.


We become entrapped in the confines of these limitations. Therefore, this behavior pattern remains active in the background of our experiences. Nevertheless, it is reasonable to conclude that we have practical “purposes” in our daily activities. There are numerous experiences that fit into this category. However, there is also the search for a grand purpose. Most people would say there is a grand purpose in my life. There is no grand reason for life. Therefore, to assume that our existence is based on grandeur is purely subjective.

There is no purpose for being. Does this surprise you? This realization can first cause frustration and anger. The content of the moment is not what offers fulfillment; it is the awareness of the moment itself. We will reach totality (enlightenment) in that moment of united presence.

Why Are You Searching for a Purpose?

Life-forms with a lower level of self-awareness do not have this option. Nevertheless, they are possibly more aware of life because they simply live. They do not contemplate why or how. Experiencing life on a one to one basis is a natural occurrence for other life-forms. Hopefully object consciousness will continue to expand. However, it is our relationship with life that will allow us to let go of the relentless mind created searching for a purpose. There is no separation between object and universal consciousness. This type of thinking is due to our lack of awareness. Therefore, a supposed reunion at the level of our existence depends solely on us. We can observe this state of being in other objects. Nature is an excellent portal to our true connection with life.

The development of humankind is quite astonishing; with or without a purpose. Nevertheless, the mind has overwhelmed the simplicity of living. You are firstly and lastly alive. However, we are in a world that demands that you do more than just live. The minds development has remained mostly unchecked throughout our evolution. We have awakened consciously but this dimension is subject to interference caused by object energy. Thoughts, emotions and ego insist that we must find a purpose for our existence. The searching will continue until we realize deeply that we already have and know the divine totality of life.

We will understand and have gratitude when we simply accept the manifestation of life; in whatever form. Living is to acknowledge life. It is to experience infinity through all things. This experience is like returning home. You enter this door and realizing that you are, in essence, the very home that you wanted to return to.

Wishing you a happy day




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